Doug Haan, Founder and CEO

Doug Haan, Founder and CEO

Doug Haan, Founder

It all started when...

A team of Health and Fitness professionals believed it was our life purpose to develop a solution to teach people the real way to lose body fat, and keep it off. We feel most people struggle with their fitness  because they simply do not know what to do and they go to the wrong place for advice and solutions. This results in a life time of struggle for many people. The solution is not in a pill, it is in your mindset, behavior and having expert accountability. The secret is in you, and we are so happy to help. Our Train Anywhere system is not easy but it works every time. We promote clean eating, hard work, and discipline. Are you ready?


  “Our Mission is to serve our team members and members by helping them do more of what they love”.   -Train Anywhere

Vision: To be the premier online fitness company in the world. We always empower, motivate, and inspire people to be their best self. We do this by having the best people, education, and culture in the fitness industry. 

  Ian Butler, Director of Fitness

Ian Butler, Director of Fitness

Ian Butler, Director of Fitness

“From Wall Street to Main Street. After 15 years as a Financial Advisor, I traded my 3-piece suit for a pair of shorts, sneakers and a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). For the last 8+ years I’ve been training clients at the crack of dawn (before the market opened) and late into the evening, but now its my full time focus.  Fitness has always been a true passion for me, knowing I can help change people’s lives, physically and emotionally. I specialize in body transformation, whether that’s meeting a personal weight loss goal or packing on lean muscle mass. 

Let’s be honest, walking into a big box gym is not everyone’s ideal environment, let alone in their comfort zone.  Virtual Personal Training gives you the opportunity to train in the comfort of your home, home gym, outside and even at the office.  You will receive 24/7 access via email, custom designed workouts, professional instruction, nutrition/supplemental advice and most importantly….accountability.”

 Heather Haan, Certified Personal Trainer, Co-Founder

Heather Haan, Certified Personal Trainer, Co-Founder


Company Core Values

  • Faith

  • Family

  • Healthy Living

  • Care

  • Passion

  • Service

  • Enthusiasm

  • Gratitude

  • Compassion

  • Generosity