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        What do you get?


  1. One Initial Weight Loss Consultation via Phone

  2. Weekly Coaching Sessions via Phone

  3. Ongoing Email Support from Your Trainer

  4. Fat Loss Meal Plan

  5. Custom Workouts Based on Your Goals

  6. The Weight Loss Secret Training Mobile App

  7. Private Access to The Weight Loss Secret Membership Site

  8. Life Changing Results



Unlock The Weight Loss Secret with Your Online Personal Trainer:

1) Psychology (techniques to change your mind)

2) Simple and effective Nutrition Plan (receive nutrition guidelines and shopping guide)

3) Results based exercise (receive a workout program based on your goals with easy to follow videos) 

4) Accountability (daily check in from a personal trainer and track your progress)

Coaching is done via private membership access webpage, email, and our mobile app.


Our System is based on over 15 years of working with people in the Health and Fitness Industry utilizing what actually gets results.


Please send us a message if you have any questions. 

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How does the program work?

1. Enroll under "Get Started"

2. After you sign up, Log into your personal training member site and fill out all forms and questionnaires.

3. Download The Weight Loss Secret Mobile App.

4. Your specific personal training program will be uploaded to the member site and the mobile app.

5. Review nutrition guidelines and shopping guide for fat loss and review daily.

6. You will receive your custom workout program and coaching via the app, website, and email.

7. Track your progress with your food diary, progress photos, and results tracking sheet.

8. Get ready to change your life!



The Truth: 96% of all weight loss attempts fail.

Break the cycle of false promises with the truth and unlock The Weight Loss Secret today.


The Weight Loss Secret Training Program is based on these truths:

  • People need a solution to weight loss that really works and lasts
  • There is too much false information out there
  • Managing stress positively is critical to losing weight
  • The majority of people underestimate what it really takes to lose weight and change their life
  •  You achieve your goal when it is attached to something greater than yourself
  • You must be ready to face your fears and anxieties head on
  • The joy of reaching your goal must mean more to you than the pleasure you get from food
  • If your "why" behind your goal is strong enough you can achieve anything


Our Program is great for people who...

  • Want to make a real change that lasts
  • Do not go to a gym and would like help from home
  • Go to a gym often, but still are not losing the weight they want
  • Are open and ready to commit to making a difference in their life
  • Are not looking for a short term fix and want a long term solution
  • Want a personalized program and help from an expert
  • Are sick of their weight fluctuating and want answers 

Our Program is not for people who...

  • Are looking for a quick fix
  • Would like to try the latest diet
  • Are looking for diet pills 
  • Want to lose a couple pounds for the beach
  • Are elite athletes with a low body fat percentage 
  • Are fitness competitors and want to drop a couple pounds before a show


If your still reading that is great! Keep it up, the truth will change your body forever!


We strongly believe that the first step is the most important piece for losing weight and is the basis for all change to occur. We become what we think about most and our thoughts become our reality. 

You cannot simply decide to wake up one day and be healthy. Your mind needs to go through a process of change based on you. This is the step that is missed by most programs and why 2 out of 3 of all adults in the United States are overweight.

Your fitness level is directly related to your desire for change. The desire for your ideal body must be greater than the pain of the effort to get there. We will teach you how to manage pain and pleasure to work for you and not against you.

Most people have a general idea of what is healthy and what is not, but do not know how to train their mind. People want to make a change but do not know how. This is where we can help!


Our unique approach to helping you find your "why" and change how you think, separates us from our competitors and will give you lasting results.


We offer a personalized solution to Weight Loss that is based on 15 years of working with thousands of people in the Health and Fitness Industry. We are tired of people not achieving their goals and we want to help you!




“Our Mission is to serve our team members and members by helping them do more of what they love”.   

Step 1: Change Your Mind To Change Your Body



Everything begins with a thought and your thoughts become your reality. 

The first step of the Weight Loss Secret is the most important. This step will decide whether you have the body of your dreams or if you will stay on the same path, or even worse. 

The struggle with weight loss is as challenging as any other addictive behavior, such as alcohol or cigarettes. 

When we underestimate the process of what it takes to lose weight we can fail.

The great news is that there is hope for everyone and we will show you the way!

The 12 steps to Freedom


1. Replace Fear with Faith

  • The only limitations you have in life are the ones you place on yourself.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Believe in something greater than yourself and have faith you will make a change.


2. You have to be open for change: be ready for it and be excited to change your life

  • You cannot make a significant change in your life if you have limiting beliefs of what can be achieved.
  • Allow yourself to have an open mind and open heart.
  • Prepare yourself for incredible, positive changes. 


3.   Start with Gratitude

  • Positive changes happen when we feel great and live in grace.
  • Be thankful for what you have and use that as your starting point to improve your life.
  • In order to make a change you need to find positive momentum. 
  • Start each day with gratitude.


4. Forgive yourself and let go of the pain of being unhealthy

  • If your weight has been causing feelings of depression, anxiety, embarrassment, or fear, be ready to leave that behind. 
  • Get excited about your new life ahead.


5. Change the expectations you have for yourself

  • You receive what you need to have in life, the things we would want to have we often never get.
  • If you would only like to get fit chances are nothing will change. If it is a NEED you will get to your goal.
  • You are given one life and one body. Accept nothing less than the body you want and the one you deserve.
  • You are in complete control over the decisions you make in your life.


6. Change your negative story into a positive one

  • Stop all negative thoughts that you create around your health and fitness.
  • Make a list of all the things that have prevented you from reaching your goals in the past and then throw it away.
  • Allow only positive and motivating thoughts in your mind and start a new story for yourself.
  • Align your new story to your new expectations. 


7. Create a goal that pulls you toward it: a desire so strong that is it not forced, a goal that pulls you in like a magnet.

  •  Your "why" and the pleasure attaining it must be stronger than the pain to get it.
  • Create a powerful goal in your mind that can wake you up early and keep you going when the times get hard.
  • Think about what you want and the motivation behind it. 
  • Make sure you can attach this desire to a sincere emotion.


8.  Reflect on your goals and your motivation daily. 

  • What we experience in life begins with our perspective. 
  • Make sure your mind, body, and spirit are ready for your new life change.
  • Recite your new goals to yourself first thing every morning, before you go to sleep. Attach it to a positive emotion and have faith that it will be done.
  • Recognize and celebrate your success along the way.
  • Visualize a happier, healthier life, and say positive affirmations throughout your day.


9. Stop comparing yourself to others!

  • The key is not to pay attention to where you are in your journey, the key is to be on the journey.
  • The motivation source should be genuine and positive.
  • The motivation source should not be based on jealousy, rivalry, or vanity. 
  • The truth is that everyone has a different metabolism. Some people can get away with eating more and stay lean. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. 


10. Surround yourself with a support team

  • The more people you can tell about your new goal the better.
  • Friends and family around you will hold you accountable.
  • Inspire the people in your life to do the same.


11. Do not quit on yourself, ever

  • Make a decision to change, period.
  • No matter what people say or how you feel do not give up on your self.
  • You deserve to feel and look your best.


12. Plan to give back after you achieve your goals by helping others do the same.

  • The more you give, the more you will receive! 


Positive visualization and affirmations will help you make your weight loss goal a reality. It will also help you reduce stress and sleep better. Lack of sleep and stress produce Cortisol, a hormone that causes body fat.


When your "why" is strong enough and your mind is ready, you are ready for the next step.  Now that you have your real purpose we can create your perfect plan.



Step 2: Simple and Effective Nutrition Plan


What is the Secret To Success?

The Secret to losing body fat is controlling your insulin levels with your nutrition.

Knowledge Bomb! Fat does not make you fat, sugar does!

The "average" American consumes about 156 pounds of sugar per year.

The ability to burn fat is directly associated with the level of insulin in your blood. 

The higher your blood sugar level, the higher your insulin levels are.

If your insulin levels are high, you will burn sugar and not fat.

In order to burn fat, your body MUST use fat as a fuel source.

The difference between being over weight and having your dream body is related to the amount of sugar you consume.

If you want to improve your health, you MUST change how you eat. You cannot overcome unhealthy eating habits with exercise. Proper nutrition is a necessity. The speed with which you will lose weight and keep it off is directly impacted by your ability to follow the guidelines. The key is to find the right mix for you. It is your choice how many cheat meals you have; you may have one cheat meal per week or you may have two days. You want your new way of eating to change, but not be too strict so that you can see results that last. Your nutritional intake will depend on what your specific goals are and the balance you need. This can be adjusted at any time to speed up your weight loss or to give you more balance.

Typical American Diet = High Calories and Low Nutrients


The Weight Loss Secret Nutrition Guidelines

1. Be aware that any weight loss goal can be reached with the proper plan.

2. Stop dieting! When you get off your diet you gain more weight.

3. Start new healthy eating habits that work for YOU, and that YOU can maintain.

4. Eat natural whole foods. Food that is made in nature is good, food made in a lab is not good.

5. Eat meats, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and seeds.

6. Limit processed foods.

7. Stay away from breads, pastas, and starches.

8. Limit sugar in your diet.

9. Drink a lot of water.

11. No high sugar juice, soda, or energy drinks.

10. Eliminate, or drink alcohol in moderation.

Sounds easy enough, huh? 

Then why are so many people overweight, or not at their goal weight? The problem is that it is easier said than done, and that is why you must follow the Secret's other steps, we will help you!


The typical American diet is high in calories and low in nutrients that we need to survive. The Secret is to increase the amount of nutrient dense foods we do eat and avoid those with empty calories.

                Step 3: Results Based Exercise Plan



   If you want to lose weight... The Secret to Exercise is:

1. Love the exercise you are doing, love the result, or both

  • Once you start to experience results, you will look forward to every workout. Before that happens, it helps to do activities that you enjoy.
  • You are more likely to fit an activity you enjoy into your busy schedule.

2. Have a specific plan just for YOU, based on YOUR goal, and YOUR current fitness level

  • Often we do not get results because our exercise plan is not specific to our goals. 
  • Get a program from a Health and Fitness Professional. 
  • Realize that no matter what your goal is, it is attainable with the right plan!


3. Strength Training

"Weights do not make Women bulky, they make them lean"


  • Turns your body to a more efficient fat burning machine.
  • The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn all day. 
  • Lifting weights helps you get the lean, tone body you want.
  • The effects of your weight training and your specific results will greatly depend on your nutrition.
  • Helps prevent against injury.

4. Cardio

  • Burn unwanted calories
  • Keep it fun with a variety of activities
  • Makes your heart healthy
  • Rotate between high intensity interval days and steady slow cardio
  • Great for increasing energy and lifting mood
  • Get better sleep
  • Detox your body

5. Yoga

  • Healthy way to deal with stress and lower anxiety.
  • Get lean and limber, all while finding your true self.
  • Give yourself a chance to slow down the busyness of life.


What is the perfect exercise?

-The one you like!

  • Exercise is all about consistency.
  • The key is to find exercises that you enjoy doing so it doesn't feel like work. How great is that?
  • You can enjoy an activity while moving closer to your exercise goal. This is truly fulfilling for your mind, body, and spirit.
  • What if you do not like any activity at all?  Do the thing you hate the least!
  • If you can find activities that are enjoyable you will be unstoppable! 


Turn a hobby into something that will make you healthy and feel awesome!


Step 4:  Accountability


                  If you are going to make a big change in your life, you need support, and we are here to help.


We want to get to know you as much as possible. Please reach out and tell us your story, we cannot wait to hear from you and help.

  • The more we know about you, the more we can help you.

  • After we learn what you want, we will then create your specific plan and guide you along the way. 

  • Everyone has a unique past, sets of challenges, and a different reason for achieving their goal. This makes it essential that you get an approach that meets your individualized needs.



                              Online Personal Training

  • Receive a personalized behavior, nutrition, and exercise plan based on your goal.
  • Daily Coaching support via email, member only site, and our mobile app. 
  • Invest only 29.99 per month/ Cancel Anytime
  • Your satisfaction with our system is of utmost importance to us. If you follow the program and are not completely satisfied we will give you a full refund.  

          Our Secret

  • The more we know about you, the more we can help you.

  • After you sign up, you will fill out a questionnaire that will serve as the basis for your unique plan.

  • We will email you and coach you how to train your mind to lose weight, and make a lasting life change. 

  • We become what we think about most, our thoughts become our reality. 

  • Your fitness level is directly related to your desire for change. 

  • The desire for your ideal body must be greater than the pain of the effort to get there.

  • We will teach you how to manage pain and pleasure to work for you, not against you. 

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  • We will provide you with the guidelines you need to follow to lose whatever weight you want.

  • You receive a shopping guide to follow so the process is simple.
  • We do not believe in counting calories but in eating the right foods and sticking to a plan.
  • Update your food diary daily and compare it to your plan.
  •  If you want to make a change, you MUST change how you eat. You cannot out work a bad way of eating with exercise.
  • Proper Nutrition is a necessity.

  • The speed you will lose weight and keep it off, will be directly affected by your ability to follow the guidelines we give you.
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  • You will receive a custom exercise plan based on your goals.

  • All of our plans can be done at home, which is a huge benefit.
  • You will receive a new exercise plan each month that will include a video and instructions on how to do the exercise.
  • Keep up with your progress on the mobile app.
  • You will have a specific plan just for YOU, based on YOUR goal, and YOUR current fitness level.
  • Realize that no matter what your goal is, it is attainable with the right plan. 

  • We will help find you achieve amazing results. 
  • We will turn your body to a more efficient fat burning machine.