Step 2: Simple and Effective Nutrition Plan


What is the Secret To Success?

The Secret to losing body fat is controlling your insulin levels with your nutrition.

Knowledge Bomb- Fat does not make you Fat, Sugar Does

"The average American Consumes 156lbsof Sugar per year"

The ability to burn fat is directly associated with the level of insulin in your blood. 

The higher your blood sugar level is the higher your insulin levels are.

If your insulin levels are high, you will burn sugar, not fat.

In order to burn fat, your body MUST use fat as a fuel source.

The difference between being over weight, and having your dream body is the amount of sugar you consume.

If you want to make a change, you MUST change how you eat. You cannot out work a bad way of eating with exercise. Proper Nutrition is a necessity. The speed you will lose weight and keep it off, will be directly affected by your ability to follow the guidelines. The key is to find the right mix for you. You may have one cheat meal per week or you may have two days. You want your new way of eating to change, but not be too strict so you can see results that last. Your Nutrition will depend on what your specific goals are, and the balance you need. This can be adjusted at any time to speed up your weight loss or to give you more balance.

Typical American Diet = High Calories and Low Nutrients


The Weight Loss Secret Guidelines

1. Be aware that any weight loss goal can be reached with the proper plan.

2. Stop Dieting, when you get off your diet you gain more weight

3. Start new healthy eating habits that work for YOU, and that YOU can maintain

4. Eat Natural whole foods, if it is made in nature it is good, if it is made in a lab, not good.

5. Eat meats, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and seeds.

6. Limit processed foods

7. Stay away from breads, pastas, and starches

8. Limit Sugar in your diet

9.Drink a lot of water, throw out , energy drinks, and sodas

10. Eliminate, or Drink Alcohol in moderation

Sounds Easy Enough, huh? 

Then why are so many people overweight? or not at their goal weight? The problem is that it is easier said than done, that is why you must follow the other steps.


The typical American diet is high in calories and low in Nutrients that we need to survive. The Secret is to increase the amount of nutrient dense foods we do it and avoid those with empty calories.