Step 1: Change Your Mind to Change Your Body






Everything begins with a thought and your thoughts become your reality. 

The first step of the Weight Loss Secret is the most important. This step will decide whether you have the body of your dreams or if you will stay on the same path, or even worse. 

The struggle with weight loss is as challenging as any other addictive behavior, such as alcohol or cigarettes. 

When we underestimate the process of what it takes to lose weight we can fail.

The great news is that there is hope for everyone and we will show you the way!

The 12 steps to Freedom


1. Replace Fear with Faith

  • The only limitations you have in life are the ones you place on yourself.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Believe in something greater than yourself and have faith you will make a change.


2. You have to be open for change: be ready for it and be excited to change your life

  • You cannot make a significant change in your life if you have limiting beliefs of what can be achieved.
  • Allow yourself to have an open mind and open heart.
  • Prepare yourself for incredible, positive changes. 


3.   Start with Gratitude

  • Positive changes happen when we feel great and live in grace.
  • Be thankful for what you have and use that as your starting point to improve your life.
  • In order to make a change you need to find positive momentum. 
  • Start each day with gratitude.


4. Forgive yourself and let go of the pain of being unhealthy

  • If your weight has been causing feelings of depression, anxiety, embarrassment, or fear, be ready to leave that behind. 
  • Get excited about your new life ahead.


5. Change the expectations you have for yourself

  • You receive what you need to have in life, the things we would want to have we often never get.
  • If you would only like to get fit chances are nothing will change. If it is a NEED you will get to your goal.
  • You are given one life and one body. Accept nothing less than the body you want and the one you deserve.
  • You are in complete control over the decisions you make in your life.


6. Change your negative story into a positive one

  • Stop all negative thoughts that you create around your health and fitness.
  • Make a list of all the things that have prevented you from reaching your goals in the past and then throw it away.
  • Allow only positive and motivating thoughts in your mind and start a new story for yourself.
  • Align your new story to your new expectations. 


7. Create a goal that pulls you toward it: a desire so strong that is it not forced, a goal that pulls you in like a magnet.

  •  Your "why" and the pleasure attaining it must be stronger than the pain to get it.
  • Create a powerful goal in your mind that can wake you up early and keep you going when the times get hard.
  • Think about what you want and the motivation behind it. 
  • Make sure you can attach this desire to a sincere emotion.


8.  Reflect on your goals and your motivation daily. 

  • What we experience in life begins with our perspective. 
  • Make sure your mind, body, and spirit are ready for your new life change.
  • Recite your new goals to yourself first thing every morning, before you go to sleep. Attach it to a positive emotion and have faith that it will be done.
  • Recognize and celebrate your success along the way.
  • Visualize a happier, healthier life, and say positive affirmations throughout your day.


9. Stop comparing yourself to others!

  • The key is not to pay attention to where you are in your journey, the key is to be on the journey.
  • The motivation source should be genuine and positive.
  • The motivation source should not be based on jealousy, rivalry, or vanity. 
  • The truth is that everyone has a different metabolism. Some people can get away with eating more and stay lean. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. 


10. Surround yourself with a support team

  • The more people you can tell about your new goal the better.
  • Friends and family around you will hold you accountable.
  • Inspire the people in your life to do the same.


11. Do not quit on yourself, ever

  • Make a decision to change, period.
  • No matter what people say or how you feel do not give up on your self.
  • You deserve to feel and look your best.


12. Plan to give back after you achieve your goals by helping others do the same.

  • The more you give, the more you will receive! 


Positive visualization and affirmations will help you make your weight loss goal a reality. It will also help you reduce stress and sleep better. Lack of sleep and stress produce Cortisol, a hormone that causes body fat.


When your "why" is strong enough and your mind is ready, you are ready for the next step.  Now that you have your real purpose we can create your perfect plan.