Why can I not lose weight and keep it off?





If you are looking to lose weight, you are not alone, you are actually the majority.  More than 2 in 3 of all adults in the United States are currently overweight, and 96% of all weight loss attempts fail. All this, while the #1 goal of all New Years resolutions is weight loss. With so many people wanting to make a change, why are the majority overweight and the minority FIT? So where is the GAP?!  How could this be?!  The norm is not to be fit and we want to CHANGE that. We have made it our life mission to answer these questions and help you find a way that lasts.

Over the last 15 years we have asked the people who made their results last what their behaviors are, their nutrition, and how they exercised. From this we have designed a plan for people to use that will last no matter what their current fitness level is. We also interviewed people who did not get results. Additionally, we gathered knowledge we learned from our University education in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, certifications, and licenses. 

This is what we found during our journey for answers...  

Most that pay thousands of dollars a month for a trainer do not get lasting results. Some do, but not most.

Most try every diet they can.. no lasting results

Most buy countless supplements and diet pills.. no lasting results

Some don't even try to lose weight, thinking its not possible

Most follow a workout video at home.. no lasting results

Think of some of your own experiences....

Every year millions of people have a weight loss goal and will have another one, next year.. no lasting results

Then there are the few.. The people who get results, they change their body and their life and it lasts! People around them are amazed, and ask.. How did you do it?


What did they do different?

  • They realized that they are deserving of the body they want,  they change how they view their own limitations and what is possible to achieve. 
  • Their desire to feel great and have the body they want outweigh the pain that they may receive from exercise.
  • Their desire to lose weight is stronger than their addiction to sugar
  • They have a coach and Support Team

The secret starts in their mind, and then they follow a specific exercise and nutrition plan based on their goals.

If your "why" behind your goal, means enough to you, you can achieve anything. We will help you find your why and then create a specific plan for you. 

Unlock the secret for yourself today and receive a personalized program.


The Weight Loss Secret System

1) Change how you think

2) Simple Effective Nutrition Plan

3) Results Based Exercise

4) Coaching and Accountability



Follow the System and Results are guaranteed.